AEG launches the world´s first connected steam oven with integrated camera

AEG – one of the Electrolux Group’s strategic brands – launches a connected steam oven with the first ever integrated camera, giving consumers the tool to master cooking through their mobile devices.

The interest in cooking great-tasting, healthy food at home is increasing at the same time as connected appliances are entering the market. Electrolux is driving innovation within those two areas, and fusing them together, through the AEG ProCombi Plus Smart oven.

The new AEG steam oven is equipped with the CookView® camera; a camera that provides a live feed directly from the oven to a mobile device (iOS or Android). Through the mobile application and WiFi access, the camera gives consumers an overview of the food in the oven, even when not in the kitchen.

Comes with My AEG app

With the My AEG app, consumers can start the cooking process through a mobile device and also respond instantly, changing temperature and humidity level or switching function, with a simple touch or swipe on the smartphone or iPad. Users can choose from hundreds of professional recipes in the app database. Notifications alert consumers as to when to get actively involved in the cooking process.

Within the Social Feed section of the app, consumers have access to food inspiration from AEG’s social channels and can also share cooking results with friends, captured live from the camera in the oven. .

The app will further support users, since functions that are not frequently used will be visualized in the app. Those functions are linked to relevant recipes so that the consumer can develop cooking skills and try new functions and techniques.

The connected oven with camera is set to be showcased at the IFA fair in Berlin, September 4–9, as part of the specially-designed My Smart Home – a large-scale, accessible model of a fully connected home.

The oven will be available in most European markets from April 2016. The oven will be available also under the Electrolux brand from September 2016.