AEG explores the future of clothing in new documentary

Can we grow a dress in a vat of liquid? Has wearable tech arrived? In The Next Black, AEG travels the world to meet with some of the world’s most innovative people and companies to explore the future of clothing.

The concept of clothing is on the verge of a dramatic shift. New technology and innovative fabrics will transform the way people wear clothes. At the same time, the clothing industry accounts for 20% of pollution in the world. But there are innovative ways to make it more sustainable.

The film is not about what’s new in fashion, but what’s next for clothing. Some of the pioneers in the world are featured in the film, with their opinions on clothing and its future, including: heroes of sustainability, Patagonia; tech-clothing giants, StudioXO; sportswear icon, adidas; BioCouture, a company that uses cellulose-producing microbes to literally grow clothing; and Yeh Group; a company that has developed a new way to dye clothes using zero water.

AEG’s role in the clothing industry

AEG – one of the Electrolux Group’s strategic brands – is the initiator of the documentary.

“The film was created to explore the evolution of the clothing industry in order for us to understand how consumer’s washing needs might change as a consequence. AEG has a pioneering history and to continue to drive innovation, we need to understand what’s next,” said Ola Nilsson, Head of Laundry at AEG.

In addition to innovations within the clothing industry for more sustainable clothing production methods, the way people care for their clothes also has a big impact on the environment.

“Reducing energy and water use in our appliances while ensuring the gentlest care possible to prolong the lifetime of garments, are ways for us to help make the clothing industry more sustainable,” said Ola Nilsson. “We can also educate consumers about how to care for their clothes with least possible impact on the environment.”

The documentary is produced together with the award-winning production company House of Radon, which has done documentaries shown at the world’s most prestigious film festivals.

The film officially premiered on May 21, after launch events in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and London. The screenings were followed by panel discussions including the pioneers shown in the documentary, and additional key industry players, who are and will be shaping the future of clothing.

As a key aim of the initiative, AEG wishes to share knowledge and proactively engage in the dialogue in order to contribute fully to a more sustainable clothing industry. Join the #TheNextBlack discussion around future of clothing on Twitter and on Facebook.

‘The Next Black’ features

  • Patagonia’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, Rick Ridgeway, on sustainable manufacturing
  • Nancy Tilbury from Studio XO on how technology changes clothing
  • BioCulture’s Suzanne Lee on biological material
  • Matt Hymers from adidas on smart clothing and the miCoach Elite System
  • Sophie Mather from Yeh Group on DryDye; dyeing clothes using zero water.

AEG is also part of the Clever Care and IPrefer30 initiatives to educate people on how to care for their clothes in a more sustainable way.

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