A refrigerator that “thinks” – intelligent refrigerator will simplify homes

The intelligent refrigerator is here. The new Screenfridge will help you with grocery shopping and dinner ideas, keep track of what you have in your fridge, and function as a message centre for the whole family. This is what Electrolux, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, envisions in our homes in the future.

“Why should our future home be a copy of the past?” asks Michael Treschow, CEO and President of Electrolux. “Because most of us spend a lot of time at home in the kitchen, our vision at Electrolux is to provide really useful appliances that can make life easier and simpler.”

The fridge looks like a normal refrigerator but is equipped with a computer and a touch screen on the door. The computer equipment is built into the fridge and won’t take any of the space away from normal refrigerator functions.

This intelligent refrigerator is also connected to the Internet, and aside from using the fridge to send e-mails or to surf the Internet, you can also use it to select, buy and order food for your home without ever leaving the kitchen. In addition, a built-in library of recipes ensures you will never lose your culinary inspiration.

The fridge is equipped with speakers, a microphone and a small video camera, which makes it possible for family members to leave video messages for each other. There is no separate keyboard or mouse; all the functions are available through a touch screen and a virtual keyboard. Also, there’s a television, so you can watch the morning news.

The intelligent refrigerator will help the consumer with the entire chain of duties involved in food preparation, The Electrolux Screenfridge can give a list of all groceries needed and assist in choosing where to buy, order and pay for the food. It can also suggest meals based on what owner have at home.

The refrigerator is a very natural place for central functions. Surveys show that in most homes the refrigerator is by far the busiest spot in the house. All family members use the fridge, and not only for food–it’s where you put messages, lists and things to do.

The Screenfridge also contains a family calendar, so you can remember grandma’s birthday, times for children’s sports matches, and dates that mom will be travelling on business. Short videotaped messages can easily be left for other family members, which is faster than writing a note by hand or using the Screenfridge’s virtual keyboard.

According to Electrolux, one of the greatest advantages for the consumer is the possibility of utilizing directly tailored product information with offers from the local grocery store. Electrolux is now discussing possible business alliances to develop the system.

Electrolux don’t want to speculate on a feasible price at this time. But there’s no doubt that when the Sceenfridge hits the market, it will revolutionize daily life. More detailed information on the Screenfridge is available at www.electrolux.com.

Electrolux was the first company to sell refrigerators based on the absorption refrigerator. Today, Electrolux sells about 10 million refrigerators globally per year.

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