4Springs + Refreshment Center: taps that filter and fizz water

Every year 2.6 million tons of plastic are used to bottle mineral water.  Electrolux has come with a new approach for ridding the world of its bottled water habit.

Two products of similar nature are on the European market: water taps that filter water and add carbonation.

The 4Springs and the Refreshment Center give users the choice: clean water — still or sparkling water, chilled or at room temperature, at home. They both contain built-in Everpure active carbon filter improves the quality and taste of drinking water, making it healthier and more pleasant.

4Springs is installed as a kitchen faucet: an integrated system made up of a mixer tap and a compact dispenser fitted under the sink.

The Refreshment Center features an integrated water dispenser and ice maker, to be fitted in microwave ovens standard compartments for built-in kitchens. It takes water from the mains, filters it and supplies still water at room temperature, chilled still water, chilled sparkling water and 3.5 kg of ice per day.

Part of the Eco Savings range, the products are sold through built-in channels mainly in Italy, Portugal and Russia under the Electrolux and Electrolux-AEG brands.

For more information, contact the Electrolux Press Hotline on +46 8 657 6507 or press@electrolux.com.