Code of ethics

The Electrolux Corporate Reporting Code of Ethics outlines both prescriptive and proscriptive ethical standards that require strict adherence from all employees and Board members of the Electrolux Corporate Reporting, in all markets and at all times.

The Code formalizes the principles by which the Group conducts its relations with employees, shareholders, business partners and others. Electrolux encourages suppliers, sales agents, consultants and other business partners to adopt these principles.

Below you find The Electrolux Corporate Reporting Code of Ethics in several different languages.

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Group Management includes the CEO, the six business area heads and five Group staff heads.

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Group Management includes the President and CEO, the six sector heads, the Chief Financial Officer, the Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development, the General Counsel, the Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Technology Officer...

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The Electrolux Control System (ECS) has been developed to ensure accurate and reliable financial reporting and preparation of financial statements in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, generally accepted accounting principles and other requirements...

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