Code of ethics

The Electrolux Code of Ethics outlines both prescriptive and proscriptive ethical standards that require strict adherence from all employees and Board members of the Electrolux Group, in all markets and at all times.

The Code formalizes the principles by which the Group conducts its relations with employees, shareholders, business partners and others. Electrolux encourages suppliers, sales agents, consultants and other business partners to adopt these principles.

Below you find The Electrolux Code of Ethics in several different languages.

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A sustainable approach starts at home: with safe workplaces, mutual respect and common values. Our company codes lay the groundwork of how Electrolux is to conduct its business sustainably and responsibly.

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Electrolux has a long tradition of providing safe and healthy working conditions, and to care for the environment as well as our own employees and people around us.

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The Electrolux Environmental Policy outlines how to improve environmental performance in production and product use as well as how to design products for disposal.

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