Ten Stories About Food Waste – documentary invites to change

One-third of all the food the world produces ends up in the bin.* Some 70% of our business is related to food, and we feel we must engage in this global issue. With this documentary, Electrolux brings together key food experts weighing on the present and the future of sustainable food choices.

“Feeding the world’s growing population sustainably is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We believe Electrolux, as a world-leader in kitchen appliances, has a responsibility and opportunity to contribute on issues related to cooking and food consumption,” says Jonas Samuelson, Electrolux CEO.

“With this documentary, we seek to provide a platform for different informed perspectives while also enticing the world to make more sustainable choices when it comes to food. We want to inspire people to reconsider where food comes from, how we consume it, and why we should enjoy every ingredient on the plate,” says Henrik Sundström, VP Sustainability Affairs.

The documentary, consisting of 10 chapters, has been created as part of the Group’s community support efforts to inspire sustainable food consumption and cooking habits among consumers and professionals. It brings together some of the biggest names in food, such as star chef Dan Barber, urban-farming pioneer Anastasia Cole Plakias, and food-tech specialist Johan Jörgensen, to weigh in on the state of food – from freezers and bycatch to bite-sized solutions and global challenges.

Electrolux launched its food-centered community support approach last year, initiating the Electrolux Food Foundation and launching the Feed the Planet partnership to fulfill the objectives. Several local and two global projects are now active through this partnership between Worldchefs, Electrolux and AIESEC.

* The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – Key facts on food loss and waste you should know

Ten Stories About Food Waste – See the videos

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