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The most energy efficient selection of AEG appliances: AEG EcoLine

To address the climate impact of home appliances, AEG has released a signature collection showcasing its most efficient appliances

AEG EcoLine is an independently verified accreditation that is assigned to AEG’s sustainability hero appliances that host the brands highest UK energy efficiency ratings.

According to AEG’s research-based approach and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), approximately 85% of the global climate impact of an appliance, during its lifespan, is generated when it is being used in the home by consumers. Therefore, to help reduce climate impact and continue providing high-quality performance, all AEG EcoLine products were designed to help the consumer to see quickly and easily which appliances are the most eco-friendly, with the most energy efficient uses and features.

AEG EcoLine’s premium appliance line-up covers all three product categories, including Taste, Care and Wellbeing, ensuring it meets the needs of the entire home. The range includes washing machines, hobs, dishwashers, and freestanding ovens that feature AEG’s highest UK energy rating, such as the 9000 SteamPro Oven (Energy Rating A++), which is 20% more energy efficient than a traditional non-steam oven. Included in this selection is also the 9000 Series AbsoluteCare® 10kg Washing Machine that is rated 30% more energy efficient than other A rated washing machines on the market.

All appliances are designed with functions to ensure consumer needs are met and help reduce the environmental impact, including:

  • AEG EcoLine washing machines have an energy rating better than the best A rating on the market and with resource saving features such as AutoDose, which minimises detergent wastage, and AbsoluteWash, which cleans efficiently at 30ºC and saves 30% energy
  • AEG EcoLine tumble dryers with heat pump technology can save up to 68% more energy compared to a traditional tumble dryer
  • AEG EcoLine ovens that use steam cooking to retain minerals and vitamins in food while also slashing energy usage by up to 20%. Additionally, the AEG steam cleaning function saves up to 95% energy versus pyrolytic cleaning
  • AEG EcoLine refrigerators – AEG’s most energy efficient models – with inner liners made of up to 70% recycled plastic, and GreenZone technology which preserves up to 95% of vitamins in produce

The AEG EcoLine range also extends to hobs, hoods, dishwashers and freestanding cookers.

Luke Harding, Head of Sales UK & Ireland at Electrolux Group UK & Ireland, comments, “Consumers want high-performance appliances without the need to compromise on efficiency and this is the exact aim of our recently launched AEG EcoLine selection of appliances.”

“We know that there’s been a shift in consumers’ focus on energy efficiency, so we’re continuing to provide them with the most energy-efficient appliances to help them live more sustainable lives. We are providing consumers with products that host our strongest energy labels and use recycled materials, which ensure all our AEG product categories are our most energy-efficient for the consumer.”

All models within AEG EcoLine are also endorsed by Youreko, a third party verified source which helps people understand the real financial benefit of purchasing an energy efficient appliance.