Interim Report Q2 2012 Results Presentation

Highlights of the second quarter of 2012.

  • Net sales amounted to SEK 27,763m (24,143) and income for the period was SEK 763m (561), or SEK 2.67 (1.97) per share.
  • Net sales improved by 15%, of which 5.8% was organic growth, 5.6 % acquisitions and 3.6% changes in exchange rates.
  • Strong organic growth, especially in Latin America and Asia, contributed to the favorable development of net sales.
  • Europe gained market share in all product categories for core appliances.
  • Operating income improved to SEK 1,150m (745), corresponding to a margin of 4.1% (3.1).
  • Higher sales prices in North America had a positive impact on operating income.
  • Improvements in volume, price and mix contributed positively to results in Latin America.
  • Higher costs for raw materials continued to impact earnings negatively, but to a lesser extent than in previous quarters. These higher costs were offset by operational efficiency.
  • Strong cash flow in the quarter.