Inspiring more sustainable eating since 2016

The Electrolux Food Foundation was established to focus the Group’s community investment activities on food and the related sustainability issues.

The foundation brings partnerships and employee initiatives to life by supporting them with funding and resources. Its purpose is to inspire more healthy and sustainable eating and cooking habits among consumers and professionals, and to support people in need through education and emergency relief efforts.

Since food is a major battleground in the fight against climate change, the foundation’s focus is well aligned with the Electrolux commitment to contribute to change through its Climate Goals.

The Electrolux Food Foundation contributes toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) and Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development (SDG 17).

Feed the Planet

In 2016, the Electrolux Food Foundation created the Feed the Planet partnership together with Worldchefs, the global association of chefs, and AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led network. The long-term partnership includes commitments to drive ongoing food-related projects.

“I’m so proud of the work done so far. We started out from zero and with many employees now engaged we’re scaling up fantastic projects such as Food Heroes, and Like a Chef across the world, as well as our partnership with the Red Cross,” says Malin Ekefalk, Electrolux Director Social Responsibility & Community Investment.

“Our partners give us an edge and help us to grow,” adds Cosimo Scarano, Head of Electrolux Food Foundation. “Worldchefs is uniquely positioned to set the agenda and convey important messages about the need for more sustainable cooking and eating. On the other hand, by engaging youth through global exchanges and volunteering opportunities to build a better world, AIESEC is a great partner to ensure impactful programs for future generations.”

Applications for funding in line with the Food Foundation’s mission are open to Electrolux employees only.

This Group-wide strategy for community investment is part of the Electrolux sustainability framework.