High-capacity mobile emergency relief kitchen

A high-capacity container kitchen will be developed and equipped with professional kitchen appliances. It will be activated immediately in emergency situations such as natural disasters or refugee crises.

Societal value

The added value of the kitchen is the ability to maximize the number of people served nutritious food during crises.


  • World Chefs Without Borders and Electrolux collaborated to finalize the design of the container and specifications of the utensils needed.
  • Emergency recipes have been developed by World Chefs Without Borders.
  • A standard operating procedure is being developed by World Chefs Without Borders.

Next steps

Identify the location for the pilot.

Focus on solving logistical challenges and identifying a logistics partner for dispatching the kitchen (and possibly food, energy and water). In addition, secure:

  • Food provisions (additional partner or funding through Electrolux?).
  • Energy provisions (generated part of the container, but need for fuel).
  • Water provisions.