Electrolux vacuum cleaner retakes position as world’s most silent

Consumers’ biggest concern when vacuuming is noise and the position as the most silent vacuum cleaner has therefore been hotly contested. With the newly launched UltraSilencer Zen, Electrolux retakes this position.

A recent global vacuum cleaning survey showed 36% of consumers think it is somewhat or very irritating that their vacuum cleaner is noisy (see link and document below). This makes noise more than twice as important as the second most annoying factor, low suction/dust-pickup.

With the newly launched UltraSilencer Zen, Electrolux retakes the position as having the most silent vacuum cleaner on the market. Measured at 58 dB it sets a new record in the floor care industry. As a reference, a normal conversation between two people is around 60 dB. The sound of a normal vacuum cleaner is around 70 dB, which is perceived as twice as high as 60 dB.

Silence is counterintuitive to performance

The noise that a vacuum cleaner makes comes mainly from the motor vibration and airflow. This means that creating a silent vacuum cleaner is counterintuitive to the performance of the product itself.

“The team designed an innovative suspension block with springs to reduce the motor vibration level, a new sound shield and inlet filter, and also a new nozzle glide plate. Beyond the new parts, we paid attention to all of the production line processes to avoid any kind of assembly error, and part by part, checked the platform for zero leakage,” says Tamás Nagy Abonyi, Engineering Office Manager R&D for Electrolux Small Appliances.

To demonstrate just how silent this vacuum cleaner is, Electrolux has created a sound stand and shelf displays.

“Push the first button on the display and you can hear how 58 decibels sounds in nature,” says Charlotta Simonsson, brand marketing manager for floor care products. “The middle button is the sound of the Zen vacuum and the third is the sound of a regular vacuum.”

“In Zen wisdom, it’s said that peacefulness is created with silence within and laughter without,” continues Simonsson. “Working with a master yoga instructor, we created a laughter yoga program that you can use while vacuuming.”

Note: The sound performance of the Electrolux UltraSilancer Zen is based on tests in accordance with the European Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 665/2013.