Electrolux Group Sustainability Report 2023: High global warming gases phased out from 97% of products with refrigerants

By the end of 2023, 97% of Electrolux Group products with refrigerants had switched to gases with low global warming potential, which led to recognition in the latest UN Cool Coalition report on the cooling industry [1]. This is just one of the highlights from the Electrolux Group Sustainability Report 2023.

  • Electrolux Group sourced 60% of all energy used in its operations from renewable sources in 2023.
  • Global non-profit organization CDP gave Electrolux Group an A grade for its work on climate action and supplier climate change engagement, and an A- for water management.
  • Electrolux Group’s most energy- and water-efficient products accounted for 29% of total units sold and 38% of gross profit in 2023.

In early 2024, Electrolux Group had its second science-based climate target approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative, after achieving its first target three years ahead of time. The new target aims to reduce the company’s direct and indirect carbon emissions resulting from its operations (scope 1 and 2) by 85% and absolute scope 3 carbon emissions (use of sold products, materials, transport of products and business travel) by 42% between 2021 and 2030. The target is aligned with the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit average global temperature rises to 1.5°C this century to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change.

“Our sustainability performance in 2023 and our new science-based climate target approved in 2024 show that together we continue to build a better company, create better solutions and enable better living,” says Elena Breda, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer at Electrolux Group. “This highlights the power of our combined people, planet and business perspectives,” Breda adds.

Other Electrolux Group sustainability 2023 highlights

Better Company

  • 3 million meals donation target achieved seven years early by the Electrolux Food Foundation.
  • 98% of top 361 suppliers responded to the CDP Supply Chain Program.
  • Stronger processes implemented to safeguard human rights among employees and the supply chain.

Better Solutions

  • ColourCare washing machines use up to 30% less energy compared with the minimum threshold to achieve the highest energy class in Europe.
  • Laundry tower in North America was the Group’s first stacked solution to be energy star certified.

Better Living

  • AirFry function for ovens can help consumers reduce the use of fat when cooking by up to 70% compared with conventional frying. [2]
  • SteamCare system allows consumers to refresh their clothes using up to 90% less water and 30% less energy compared to a complete washing cycle. [3]
  • Six products for wellbeing at home won Red Dot and iF Design awards.
  • In 2023, Electrolux Group launched a new built-in refrigerator that can help consumers reduce food waste by up to 28%. [4]

Climate Goals

  • Carbon emissions from operations (scope 1 and 2) reduced by 33% since 2021.
  • Carbon emissions from products sold (scope 3) reduced by 28% compared with 2021.

Read the Electrolux Group Sustainability Report 2023 and In Brief version here: Sustainability – Electrolux Group 

[1] Cooling suppliers: A stocktake on the path to Net Zero | The Carbon Trust
[2] Tests carried out by a nutritionist with 800 g of frozen French fries, comparing conventional frying (using 1800ml of soybean oil) and preparation using the airfry function of the OE9XB built-in oven (without adding oil). The result demonstrated a reduction of 33.9% in calories and 68.7% in fat when prepared in the airfry function of the OE9XB model.
[3] Based on an internal test of water consumption comparing SteamRefresh with a full wash 30°C Delicate program using a 1 kg load.
[4] Compared to the 500 ColdSense refrigerator and based on external tests on duration of the edibility of soft cheese and cooked ham stored on shelves. Results may vary depending on type of foods. Estimated potential food waste reduction based on appliance performance only and not considering user behavior.

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