Electrolux commits to host Social Food Swap in Singapore to reduce food waste

To encourage people to swap unused food items or ingredients and reduce food waste, Electrolux has teamed up with ten other companies in Singapore.

Through the Social Food Swap initiative, people are encouraged to trade unused food items or ingredients in their kitchens with family, friends or colleagues instead of wasting them.

Ten other companies – including Deliveroo, OPPO and TripAdvisor – have already committed to hosting their own Social Food Swap. The regional office in Singapore held its first Social Food Swap recently with colleagues bringing a wide array of food items. Chef Eric Low, Electrolux Chef Ambassador, prepared a delicious meal using some of the ingredients that were brought in for the swap and shared useful tips on food safety and when you can still consume food that is close to or past its “Best Before” date.

“Food waste is a very real problem in Singapore,” said Pek Hai Lin, Manager of Zero Waste Singapore. “In 2017, we disposed more than 809 million kilograms of food waste and only 16% of it was recycled. But while people are generally aware that they should not waste food, unfortunately little action is taken to do anything about it. It’s time to sit up and actively change our lifestyle habits in order to reduce our wastage.”

The Social Food Swap initiative is part of an Electrolux Asia Pacific initiative called Happy Plate.

“Since we launched HappyPlate in 2015, we’ve been championing small actions that can make a difference to this larger issue. Not only is the Social Food Swap a great way for us to come together as a team for a worthwhile cause, but it’s also about fostering a sustainable behavioral change in the ongoing fight against food waste,” said Pamela Tan, Director, Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific.

Find out more about how to carry out your own Social Food Swap by downloading the Social Food Swap Toolkit here.

In the world, 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption is wasted while millions go hungry.* The Electrolux APAC social investment activities are supported by the Electrolux Food Foundation. The goal of the Electrolux Food Foundation is to inspire better food consumption and cooking habits among consumers and professionals and help people in need.

* http://www.fao.org/food-loss-and-food-waste/en/