Community support around the world – Electrolux helps local causes during holiday season

During the holiday season, many Electrolux offices around the world are joining forces with charities to support local communities. The actions address various causes, from helping families in need with packing food bundles, to auctioning products for charity and supporting charities with donations. With some examples from around the world, Electrolux wishes a warm holiday season for all.

Germany – Present wish made true

Employees in the Rothenburg factory for cooking products granted Christmas present wishes of children in less privileged families. Wishes were put up in the Rothenburg site bulletin boards and employees picked and purchased the gifts that are distributed to the children by Christmas. Additionally, employees in the Nuremberg office donated money earmarked for charitable organizations that help children in need.

United States – Donations for food and warmth

In each of the nine communities that manufacture appliances, holiday donations were made to charities that help residents with a wide range of basic services, including a midday meal program and an emergency overnight shelter. In total, donations in the U.S. amounted to nearly USD 50,000.

Singapore – Auctioning creatively designed washers

Employees auctioned-off three bespoke wrapped washing machines to raise funds for The Food Bank. The specially-skinned washers featured winning drawings by children who took part in a competition where they shared their dreams of a greener community. In addition, employees teamed up with The Food Bank to sort and pack food bundles for families in need across Singapore.

Brazil – gathering seasons gifts

At each of the three factory sites in Brazil, Electrolux employees engage in Christmas charities. For example the factory in Manaus gathered and donated around 600 toys for children in local orphanages.

Sweden – Raffle benefiting children in need

At the Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm, an annual raffle is held in december to gather contributions for Livslust, a Latvian aid group that supports disenfranchised children. Electrolux Stockholm office has supported Livslust for more than 20 years and matches the proceeds from each raffle.

To learn more about how Electrolux helps on global food issues, read about our Feed the Planet initiatives.