World’s first fridge with 70% recycled plastic inner liners is ours

The recycled plastic content and advanced food preservation features of our new built-in refrigerators have been well received by consumers. Simona Oboroceanu, Category Marketing Manager from the Food Preservation team at Electrolux tells us why.

Hi Simona! Tell us more about our breakthrough in incorporating recycled plastic in our refrigerators.

The Electrolux Group has developed a new line of built-in refrigerators – the Electrolux 500-900 Series and AEG 5000-9000 Series – that we’re currently launching in Europe. The recent launches have inner liners made from 70% recycled plastic, which equates to 13% of the total plastic used in the refrigerator. We are the first in the world to incorporate this much recycled plastic into a refrigerator so it’s an important industry breakthrough.

The plastic is sourced from a specialty supplier that collects and refines plastic from discarded refrigerators in Europe. It is very important that we work with strong and reliable partners that can provide access to high-quality recycled materials.

The range has been well received at fairs such as IFA in Berlin as the industry sees the product as being concrete proof that we take sustainability seriously.

How have consumers responded to the inner liners made from recycled plastic?

Consumers have responded very positively to the inner liners, and they perceive the gray shade of plastic as being more premium than standard white liners. They favor products made from recycled materials and our research has shown they want this kind of refrigerator with recycled materials.

How do our built-in fridges help retain nutrients and avoid food waste?

The recent launches have an innovative GreenZone crisper drawer to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. They are offered in two versions – one with a manual vent that consumers can open or close depending on how full the drawer is and an automatic version. The automatic crisper has a membrane that allows ingredients to breathe by regulating and optimizing humidity.

Third-party studies have shown that our GreenZone crisper drawer can retain 95% of the vitamin C in blueberries after 11 days. None of our competitors use this kind of innovative membrane so it is a clear competitive advantage for us.

The recent launches also use innovative cooling technology that keeps the temperature stable to help ingredients last longer. One of the solutions is Cooling 360, which maintains a more stable temperature distribution, to preserve food for longer by avoiding temperature shocks and stress on food. Our TwinTech® No Frost also keeps food hydrated with independent cooling systems for the fridge and the freezer parts.

What do customers think about these enhanced abilities to help preserve ingredients?

Consumers immediately understand the value to them – not only in terms of retaining the vitamins in their ingredients for their health, but also making ingredients last longer and ultimately helping them to avoid food waste. Importantly, consumers really value the third-party verified fact-based claims we make. At Electrolux Group we’re committed to help consumers live better, more sustainable lives in the home and this refrigerator line reflects that.

Consumers have shown increased interest in healthy eating, particularly since the pandemic, and we go beyond the standard refrigerator offering by helping them to maintain the vitamin content and quality of the food they eat. Also, people are becoming increasingly conscious of food waste and the materials that are used to manufacture their products.

Will they be launched in other markets in 2023?

Yes, as well as continuing to roll out these innovations across Europe in 2023, we are looking at launching in other regions, such as Asia Pacific, in the coming years. Watch this space!