UltraOne Mini: Full-sized performance in less space

Electrolux has launched the UltraOne Mini. This premium vacuum cleaner combines high performance and modern design in lightweight, compact format.

Electrolux is celebrating 100 years of innovation with a new version of its award-winning UltraOne vacuum cleaner created for modern lifestyles. “UltraOne Mini is the crowning achievement of 100 years of experience,” says Anna Eling, Product Marketing Manager at Electrolux. “It combines the very best of our vacuum cleaner technology – small, quiet and high-performing.”

UltraOne Mini is based on proven technology developed for the Electrolux UltraOne vacuum cleaner, which was a winner of the 2010 iF Design Award, the German Plus X Award for “Best product of the year” in 2011 and other tests in 11 European countries. It offers great dust pick-up and suction power, performance comparable to many full-sized premium vacuum cleaners.

Electrolux made UltraOne Mini more than 30% smaller than typical vacuum cleaners to meet the needs of smaller, modern households, where storage space is often at a premium. It also weighs only 4.5 kilos and is equipped with smooth wheels and a long cord. AeroPro remote controls on the handle further improve handling and mean that there’s no more bending over to reach for the buttons.

“All these factors make it easy to store and maneuver UltraOne Mini in tight spaces without a lot of effort,” Anna Eling says.

Performance, design, silence

“UltraOneMini has great dust pick-up and suction power not only for its size but for any vacuum cleaner. It’s made to handle tough jobs,” Anna Eling says.

UltraOne Mini also offers modern, distinctive design. It has a digital display and is wrapped in a smooth, steel blue metallic shell. “It’s a very refined, clean design that also expresses how powerful the vacuum is,” comments Anna Eling.

At 72 decibels, UltraOne Mini is also one of the most silent vacuum cleaners on the market, which makes vacuuming a much more pleasant experience. “Even though there is less room for sound dampening, our technology is able to keep noise to a minimum,” Anna Eling notes.