The lawn mower no one will use

The new Husqvarna Auto Mower is a must for any garden enthusiast that has more ambition than time. Powered by the latest battery technology it automatically cuts the grass all by itself. And when it needs charging, it takes care of that too without outside assistance. In essence it’s a lawn mower no one will use!

The Auto Mower is battery powered, so it leaves no exhaust fumes. Its quiet engine and small, razor-sharp blades mean that it is almost silent, while its striking design is a real eye-opener. In fact, it’s so special, even the neighbours will be impressed when they see it roaming around the garden next door.

The light-weight Auto Mower weighs just 7 kg. Power is provided by small, efficient nickel-metal hydride batteries which drive its motors and electronics. It is energy efficient and draws less electricity than a 60 w light bulb when on charge.

The Auto Mower can be put to work when the grass starts to grow, and it won’t stop until the gardening season is over in the autumn. It will mow the lawn quietly and efficiently keeping it in perfect condition leaving short, fine cuttings that quickly decompose into nutritious compost. This eliminates the need to get the rake out. And as it can be programmed to cut for just a few hours each day, it can be timed to work when no one is in the garden.

A low-voltage sensor cable, buried neatly out of sight around the perimeter of the lawn, sends signals to the mower’s microprocessor telling it where it is at all times ensuring that it stays in the area to be cut.

Electronics normally found in advanced industrial robots give the Auto Mower “sight” and “intelligence” allowing it to sense if objects are in its way. It can stop, reverse and turn all by itself. In fact, it’s so sensitive, it won’t harm garden furniture, shrubs or bushes. The same microprocessor makes sure that the Auto Mower re-charges itself. When the charge drops below a certain level, the mower automatically returns to its charging point where it docks, and its batteries are re-charged. Once this has been done, the mower will undock and resume mowing.

The Auto Mower cuts in a random pattern which means that it can take care of lawns of all shapes and sizes up to 1,500 m2 without having to be pre-programmed. And the solution has the added advantage of keeping the grass neatly manicured never letting it grow long. Experience has shown that Auto Mowers that are constantly on the move help keep moss and weeds at bay. And people with allergies will find that its gentle nibble-away cutting action means that grass pollen is not ejected into the air in the same way with as a normal lawn mower. That should help keep summer-time snivels at bay.

All in all, it’s the perfect garden helper.

Part of the Electrolux Group, Husqvarna has one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of equipment for forestry and landscaping comprising products for most applications and for all seasons designed for professional and other demanding users. Husqvarna is represented around the world though subsidiaries, business partners and 17,000 selected dealers.

Technical specifications

The Auto Mower is powered by rechargeable nickel-metal hydride 12 volt batteries that have a life-time of 2 – 3 years. A normal charge, which takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete, will provide between 1.5 – 2 hours of cutting time.

The cutting system
The Auto Mower uses a rotating disc with three short, razor-like blades which can easily move in their mountings or rotate back into the cutting disc should they hit a hard object. The simple-to-replace blades are mounted in a robust holder.

The Auto Mower’s body is made of ABS plastic which is light enough to ensure that as much energy as possible is used to power the mower. The Auto Mower weighs just 7 kg. It is easy to handle and store owning to its small size and low weight.

Alarm and code
In order for the Auto Mower to work, a personal PIN code must be entered. If someone who doesn’t know the code tries to operate, stop or pick the machine up, a built-in alarm will sound. You can only switch the alarm off by feeding in the proper code.

Information and settings
The Auto Mower has two information systems: beeps and a set of LEDs. The beeps and LEDs “tell” you what the Auto Mower is doing. Settings can be customised to suit individual needs.

The Auto Mower requires very little maintenance. Users should check the blades once a week.

When stopping the Auto Mower, it only takes three seconds for the blades to stop rotating. If the Auto Mower should roll over within the cutting area, the blade disc stops within five seconds. If the sensor cable is broken, or if the generator should fail, the Auto Mower won’t start again until the problem has been solved.

The Auto Mower will not start if it is outside the area covered by sensor cable and it will quickly stop if it should, for some reason, end up there. The Auto Mower fulfils all radio interference requirements.