Report highlights importance of sustainability to achieving profitable growth

Through our global presence and emphasis on sustainability, Electrolux is well-positioned for profitable, long-term growth.

Realizing this strategy requires clear vision, organizational alignment and global commitment to issues such as environment, human rights and strong ethics.

These areas are all highlighted in the third-party assured sustainability report – Sustainability matters 2012 – launched as part of the on-line Annual Report.

Influencing the value chain

2012 performance highlights

The report features:

  • A review of the sustainability strategy, now in its third year, and targeting three main areas: Products, services and markets, People and operations, Stakeholders and society. Click here to read more.
  • An illustrated overview of the Group’s value chain, providing a helicopter view of where impacts occur, which partners need to be engaged, and how the greatest value can be created for Electrolux and its stakeholders.
  • A mid-term target has been set to reduce operational energy use by 15% between 2011-2015. Reducing consumption is saving SEK 300m a year in energy costs and emitting 200,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide compared to 2005. Click here to read more.
  • With sharp focus on areas within human rights, Electrolux completed a human rights impact assessment and approximately 75% of all Group employees now have access to confidential reporting helplines. Click here to read more.

Sustainability matters showcases environmentally sound products launched in 2012 and snapshots of best practice from across the Group. The report is also built around a clickable GRI index, allowing readers to drill down to more than 70 performance indicators as defined by the GRI.