Report demonstrates how sustainability matters to business success

Through innovation, Electrolux aims to set the standard for sustainability and lead the way in resource efficiency, water conservation and safety.

Integrated into the recently published online 2011 Annual report, the sustainability performance review, Sustainability matters outlines how it aims to achieve this and presents results thus far.

Three key highlights

Achieving – and exceeding – the energy reduction target

Focus across the Group has been on achieving the 28% energy reduction target for operations a year ahead of schedule. The Group exceeded this goal by 8 percentage points, consuming 36% less energy than the 2005 benchmark and emitting 230,000 tons less carbon. What’s more, the company saved more than SEK 300m in energy costs this year compared to 2005. Click here to read more.

A group-wide reduction in the accident rate

Electrolux has a long-term goal to operate 25% of plants at health and safety best-practice levels for manufacturing industries by 2016. In 2011 the accident rate was reduced by 42%, taking the Group a few steps closer to realizing the vision of accident-free facilities. Click here to read more.

Launch of Ethics at Electrolux

In 2011, a new ethics program was piloted in Latin America and an ethics helpline set up in June. The program is set to expand to Europe and Asia Pacific in 2012 with the aim of global rollout over the next few years. Click here to read more.

Sustainability is part of great business leadership and Electrolux is convinced future success depends on it. CEO Keith McLoughlin writes, “2011 was my first year at the helm of Electrolux. At the outset, the leadership team and I announced a shift in tempo and more powerful market engagement around sustainability. That time has come.”

Recognized in 2012

Recognition of our performance continues. Since January 2012, Electrolux has been ranked among the 2012 World’s 100 Most Ethical Companies, is one of four Swedish-based companies to be listed among CNN / Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. Electrolux has also been named Sector Leader, Sector Mover and a Gold Class Member in the 2012 SAM Sustainability Yearbook.

For more information about Electrolux approach to sustainability and how it impacts its business, go to

About the report

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guideline is the most respected sustainability standard for reporting performance on the environment, labor and human rights practices and societal engagement. Sustainability matters is built around a clickable GRI index, allowing readers to drill down to more than 70 performance indicators as defined by the GRI.