New green&clean dishwashers for professional kitchens

Ideal for small to medium-sized restaurants and hotels, for pubs, bars and quick service restaurants, the new Electrolux Professional Undercounter and Hood Type dishwashers consume less water and energy and can save money.

Electrolux Professional recently launched its new green&clean Undercounter and Hood Type dishwasher ranges to satisfy the needs of small to medium-sized restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and quick-service restaurants.

These dishwashers consume less water, detergent, energy and rinsing aid compared to standard machines, while providing excellent performance and low noise level. Restaurants can save between €300-500 per year**.

Excellent washing results
Plates, cups, utensils, trays, gastronome containers and cutlery are perfectly cleaned during the washing cycle as the powerful washing circuit guarantees that no area remains uncovered.

The rinse cycle is even more effective than in standard dishwashers. Even though the dishwashers require only 3 liters of water for the rinse cycle, the performance is superior through constant high temperature and strong pressure independent from the mains. This provides total detergent removal to fulfill best-in-class safety and hygiene requirements.

Moreover, the dishwashers feature Continuous Water Pressure that ensures that 100% of the water entering the dishwasher is softened, providing excellent results and reducing scale problems.

Keeps the kitchen quieter
The new green&clean dishwashers feature a double skin insulation that guarantees a low noise level, important in a professional kitchen. The noise level of the Hood Type dishwashers with double skin is less than 63 dBA. The double skin insulation also ensures energy savings by reducing heat loss from the machine.

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*Comparison with standard machine: 70 cycles per day, 300 annual working days. 15°C input water.
**Comparison with standard machine: 100 cycles per day, 300 annual working days. 15°C input water.