Mix like a pro – Electrolux brings professional cooking to your home

Using the company’s experience of creating professional products for top chefs, Electrolux has developed the new stick mixer Ultramix/PRO. Bringing the best features such as a triple velouté knife, extra long mixing bar and a special shape of the bell from the professional stick mixer to anyone who is interested in cooking on a higher level at home.

While Electrolux is supplying demanding professional kitchens with products, the company also acquires extensive insight into the needs of some of the world’s best restaurants. All top chefs strive to accomplish perfect end result and their secret is never to compromise neither in picking ingredients nor in the tools used. So why should you? Ultramix/PRO is a stick mixer that brings the best from professional kitchens to your home. It is the perfect choice for food preparation enthusiasts who want to make smoother smoothies and perfect purées, crush ice or nuts, chop herbs and whip cream and feel secure to achieve the best possible result. You can even chop onions without tears.

Electrolux is the only appliance manufacturer in the world providing whole kitchen solutions to both professional and home chefs.


“We see a growing interest from our consumers in the techniques and appliances used by professional chefs. Our strength is our professional sector in which we have endless amount of knowledge. We have used this expertise and the best features from the professional product in Ultramix/PRO so that we can offer professional standards for cooking even in home environment,” says Mari Törmälä, Product Marketing Manager at Electrolux.

Professional features in Ultramix/PRO

Ultramix/PRO comes with truly professional features, such as:

  • A 25-cm long mixing bar and a bell that is designed so that you can use Ultramix/PRO directly in pans and bowls, just like professional chefs do. The open shape of the bell prevents food from getting stuck under the blades. And its anti-scratch, anti-splash design takes care of your bowls and pans while keeping your kitchen clean.
  • Ultramix/PRO has three special velouté blades just like the ones professionals use. They eliminate lumps and create the right velvety texture in soups, sauces, smoothies, purées, mayonnaise and more.
  • In liquids, the triple velouté knives and the bell shape create a vortex that sucks food into the knives for a smooth result. And, with its 700-watt motor and turbo function, Ultramix/PRO gives you all the power you need to chop fruits and nuts and even harder ingredients like ice.