Introducing Sunny, the new washing machine works with solar-heated water

Electrolux continues to show its commitment to sustainable development, this time with the introduction of a new washer that runs with water heated by solar energy.

Sunny, as the washer is called, was introduced at Klimahouse, a trade show for energy-efficient construction and renovation, recently held in Bolzano, Italy.

Sunny has special programs that use water from the hot water circuit without turning on the heating element. The washer has a double input supply hose for hot and cold water, so it can be installed in houses and apartments where the water is heated by thermal solar panels, according to Laura Tellini, product manager Fabric Care.

There is currently no other such machine available on the market which can work with hot and cold water, according to Tellini.

“Frequent requests to the call center made me realize that there probably was a real need for a machine like this. After analyzing the market, the conclusion was that no competitor offered a similar machine,” she explains.

She says that the washer can also be heated by boilers fuelled by methane gas or pellets or any other source of heating, as long as a second hot water tap is available. This solution can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

“If the second hot water tab is at the moment not available, the machine works in a traditional way using cold water and heating it with the heater,” adds Tellini.

Targetting builders and solar energy professionals
Electrolux presented the Sunny at Klimahous, a trade show for energy-efficient construction and renovation, in late January. The exhibition, says Tellini, allowed Electrolux to address to a diverse public, consisting of thermo-hydraulic technicians, installers of thermal solar panels, architects and engineers and even simple consumers and institutions concerned about environmental issues.

Cooperation with Solahart
Electrolux is teaming with Solahart, world leaders in solar hot water systems, who showcased the washer at the recent trade fair. “This is the first step of a co-marketing project between Electrolux and Solahart,” says Cristina Furlanis, brand manager. “It will allow Electrolux to promote Sunny through over 30 national and local exhibitions organized by Solahart every year. Solahart will also present Sunny at trainings for technicians and installers of solar panels.

Some quick facts about Sunny:
Washing machine: 7 kg load, 1200 rpm
Production began in February 2008
It is produced at Electrolux’s Porcia factory in Italy
Currently only sold in Italy
No other machine on the market offers a double inlet hose which allows the machine to run with hot and cold water

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