Hyper Island develops millennial vision of the Electrolux home

Electrolux recently welcomed 150 students from Hyper Island – a school that challenges companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world – to share what role they believe Electrolux could have in the healthy home of the future.

As millennials are the future generation of consumers, and with digital transformation growing at a fast pace, the visit to the Home Care & Small Domestic Appliances business area was a valuable opportunity to broaden the thinking of Electrolux and what the company should be thinking about over the next ten years to contribute to a new sustainable way of living.

Strong ideas came up around sustainability from renting rather than owning products, the growth of the co-living movement – where Electrolux could act as a platform to facilitate sharing and provide products to make co-living and workspaces perfectly comfortable – and tracking the environmental impact of products. This video features the idea of one group of students: a visualization tool that allows people to take control of their energy consumption.

“What clearly came across was how differently this generation sees the world. They have a different value system and a different idea of worth. There is little distinction between their online and real lives, they share more readily and don’t have big concerns about data collection. Hopefully we will get the chance to work with a group of students again to develop our thinking in these areas.” says Martin Alexanderson, Design Director for Electrolux.