Gold Lion to Electrolux in Cannes

Electrolux project Vac from the Sea was awarded a Gold Lion in the PR category at the Cannes Lions 2011. Cannes Lions – also known as the festival of creativity – is the world’s most prestigious advertising festival.

Vac from the Sea is a project aimed at increasing the awareness of the lack of recycled plastic, and has reached millions of people all over the world. By collecting plastic trash from oceans and creating exhibition vacuum cleaners from it, Electrolux engaged over 175 million people in the plastic issue

When Electrolux launched a new line of vacuum cleaners made from 70% recycled material – the Green Range – they wanted to raise awareness about the a shortage of recycled plastic on land and the vast amounts of  plastic debris in the world’s oceans.

The Vac from the Sea exhibition models are still generating publicity for the cause and for Electrolux. They are being displayed in over ten countries during 2010–2012. Part of Green Range revenue is donated through the initiative “Vac for the Sea” to plastic research organizations 5 Gyres and Algalita, headed by the discoverer of the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Since the launch of the project in the summer of 2010, Vac from the has received numerous awards and recognitions.

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