Electrolux to cut energy consumption by 15%

Meeting the climate challenge: Electrolux defines energy target for its operations

Growing concern over climate change will influence consumers’ purchasing choices and raise their expectations on how companies respond to the challenge. As part of its three-pronged approach to contribute to the solution, Electrolux is launching a Group-wide initiative to cut energy use.

President and CEO Hans Stråberg recently announced that Electrolux is stepping up efforts to improve energy use within operations, thereby saving measurable CO2 emissions and operational costs.

“Electrolux has set a target to cut energy use 15% Group-wide by year-end 2009. This is an important part of our contribution to the climate challenge,” says Stråberg.

The three-year target equates to a CO2 reduction of 100,000 tons by 2009. It is based on Group consumption levels of approximately 1.8 TWh of energy (2005 consumption data), and is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions from about 22,500 cars.

The target announced recently is part of the Electrolux three-pronged approach to the climate challenge. This approach is designed to make a discernible cut in emissions levels through:

  • developing energy smart and lean appliances,
  • streamlining operations, and
  • raising awareness on the role efficient appliances has in a carbon-slim future

Electrolux has aggressively been tackling energy use in its products for more than a decade. Given the nature of the business, energy and water efficiency in appliances is where Electrolux can make the greatest contribution to the climate change solution.

Based on a life-cycle approach, about 80% of a refrigerator’s environmental impact occurs when the product is in operation. On average, Electrolux has succeeded in halving energy use in appliances, resulting in substantial CO2 savings.

To learn more about how Electrolux tackles environmental challenges, visit www.electrolux.com/sustainability

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