Electrolux targets wider US market for professional grade appliances

The Electrolux Group has launched a new collection of appliances under the Frigidaire Professional® brand, addressing consumer demand in North America for affordable products with the design and performance of professional appliances.

Electrolux is the only appliance manufacturer with a full range of appliances for both professional kitchens and consumers’ homes, experience that proved crucial when designing the Frigidaire Professional collection. The decision to develop the collection was supported by two consumer findings:

One in five U.S. consumers would like to have professional-looking appliances but don’t currently own them. And 96 percent of consumers desired appliances that could fit within existing cabinet cutouts in their kitchens, eliminating the time and expense of a remodel.

“Our goal is to deliver on unmet consumer needs in the mass market,” said John Weinstock, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Electrolux Major Appliances North America. “The innovation process for the new suite of appliances was spearheaded right here in Charlotte. In fact, our R&D and design teams worked closely with numerous local consumers during the 18-month development and design process.”

Read more about the development process and the innovations in each of the new appliances here.