Electrolux provides Michelin Star Dining at Cannes Film Festival

Electrolux is for the third year running sponsoring the Cannes Film Festival which runs May 15-26. Once again, Electrolux is using the festival to showcase its 90 years of professional expertise and increase brand visibility.

At the 1,000-square-meter Electrolux Agora Pavilion in Cannes, a rotating team of award-winning chefs cater for guests during the festival. They include three-Michelin-star holder Anne-Sophie Pic; two-Michelin-star holders Claude Bosi and Bruno Oger, as well as brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi who hold one Michelin star.

The Electrolux Agora Pavilion is the largest temporary structure on the Croisette – Cannes’ famous boulevard. During the Film Festival it hosts the official culinary festival events such as the opening gala dinner and the jury deliberation dinners.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine will also be demonstrated during the Festival.

At its busiest periods, the Pavilion will host as many as 45 chefs with up to 120 servers for 648 guests within a space of 1,000 square meters.

Star-studded dinner

Pic and Oger collaborated to create the opening gala dinner which was attended by celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio; the four-course menu was cooked on Electrolux appliances.

“These are the same appliances that they have come to rely on in their own professional kitchens,” said Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager, Major Appliances EMEA.


For the second consecutive year, The Chef’s Table by Electrolux offers film talent in Cannes an exclusive culinary experience. Situated at the Agora Pavilion kitchen, it hosts festival VIPs, including Grand Jury members Steven Spielberg and Nicole Kidman.

“In addition to a great meal prepared in front of them, guests will be able to take away the hints, tips and techniques provided by our award-winning partner chefs,” said Kaye.

Movie inspired menus

New this year are the ’Electrolux Flavour of Film’ themed menus related to various movies and directors. Claude Bosi will create one menu inspired by Jane Campion’s ‘The Piano’ movie. The menu references several scenes from the movie. For example, the dessert – ‘Piano on the Beach’ – is made out of black and white meringue and breadcrumbs to symbolize the closing scene of the movie.

“We want to show people it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to create great experiences at home and Claude Bosi’s homage meal to ‘The Piano’ serves as both a fun and imaginative source of inspiration,” added Kaye.

Some of the chefs’ top tips


There willl also be a Steven Spielberg Themed Lunch, created by Bruno Oger. Inspired by some of Spielberg’s most iconic films, and with a local French touch, the menu includes fricassee of frog and clams with foam shell and Bresse chicken breast leg ravioli with foie gras.

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