Electrolux Professional and WWF Italia to team up in 2008

Electrolux Professional and WWF Italia, one of the world’s largest environmental organizations, will collaborate in 2008 and promote the Electrolux Green Spirit product range of professional appliances, which are specially designed to reduce the impact on the environment.

Electrolux Professional is a world leader in the production and distribution of professional food service and laundry solutions.

The new Green Spirit product range includes only products that are more energy efficient, use less detergent and reduce CO2 and NoX emissions.

Electrolux Professional and WWF Italia will also create an eco-guide aimed at food-service and laundry professionals. The guide will explain how to use resources such as energy, water and detergent in a more environmentally friendly way while simultaneously reducing costs.

WWF will also support the events organized by Electrolux Professional to promote its environmentally sound approach.

Electrolux Professional’s Green Spirit product range will be identified by both the Green Spirit and the WWF logo.

Lack of energy ratings for professional appliances
While the energy efficiency of household appliances is well recognized by standard classifications (e.g. A++, A+, etc) in many countries, such labels are not yet available for professional appliances. Reducing energy, water, and detergent consumption of professional kitchen and laundry appliances, which are in use for most of the day all year round, can make a significant impact on both the environment and on operating costs.

Electrolux Professional has continuously been making important progress to improve sustainability throughout the product life cycle: from product development to production and from product usage to disposal. Electrolux Professional was among the very first in Europe to be certified ISO 14001 and their products are recyclable up to 95%.

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