Electrolux new dishwasher runs on a glass of water

Electrolux Professional is launching a new rack type dishwasher, which uses only 0.4 liters of water to clean and sanitize an entire rack of dishes. The green&clean model is the first of its kind, thanks to an innovative rinse module, and will enable significant savings and environmental benefits for the industry.

The machine uses less electricity, less detergent and less rinse aid, meaning it is not only good for the environment but also provides the lowest running costs in the industry. The dishwasher enables a saving of €3,240 a year, based on washing after 500 meals during peak hours twice a day.*

Demand for water is set to increase globally by as much as 40% by 2030**, and with sustainability at the core of the Electrolux business strategy, the company is committed to improving the energy and water performances of appliances – creating more efficient, high-performance products that help customers live better lives, save money and reduce their environmental footprint.

Electrolux Head of Sustainability Affairs Henrik Sundstrom said: “The green&clean Rack Type is an exciting new product. Not only is the heat-pump using carbon dioxide as the refrigerant, but consuming only 0.4 liters of water a wash makes it quite literally the greenest and cleanest dishwasher on the market. It will have a significant positive impact on the environment, while allowing professional users to save costs.”

For more information, visit Electrolux Professional.

* Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by IMQ, INTERTEK, ENERGY STAR measurement.
** According to report from the International Resource Panel, Policy Options for Decoupling Economic Growth from Water Use and Water Pollution.