Electrolux launches professional range tailored for high productivity kitchens

Electrolux Professional has launched the XP range, a new and improved range of high performance modular cooking. The launch is a response to the changing needs of the food-service market.

Increased space constraints in  modern professional kitchens and a continued drive for greater cost efficiency has led to the development of the new 900XP & 700XP modular cooking ranges from Electrolux Professional.

Over 70 years of experience in producing high-performance kitchen equipment at Electrolux has ensured that the new range offers market-leading performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

“The experience of five generations of chefs and our passion for innovation and sustainability has enabled us to provide high performing, easy-to-use and cost-efficient equipment that every professional chef can trust,” says Electrolux Horizontal Cooking Category Manager Riccardo Sartor.

Bringing innovation to the market

The new XP ranges incorporate a number of clever innovations to improve cooking efficiency, productivity and quality:

  • The new XP PowerGrill (patent pending) high performance grilling system achieves high radiant power providing top productivity and improved quality of cooking.
  • The new 1200 mm-wide 900XP Fry Top provides superb productivity and quality of cooking through its new extra large 20 mm-thick mild steel cooking surface.
  • The unique  XP Ref-freezer base can be set as a refrigerator or freezer at temperatures between -20°C and +10°C and can be combined with any top appliance.
  • The new IcyHot solution for high productivity environments couples the refrigerator-freezer base with either the 1200 mm XP PowerGrill or XP Fry Top to provide all the flexibility a kitchen needs.
  • The new XP gas Pasta Cooker with the unique dnergy control feature allows the user to finely regulate boiling intensity according the food being cooked.  It can be equipped with an Energy Saving Device accessory that increases productivity without additional energy consumption.
  • The unique 900XP gas Convection Oven with two-level cooking can be placed below XP Flower-Flame gas Burners, Solid Tops or Fry Tops to offer smaller kitchens a multi-functional cooking unit with improved productivity.

Improving market standards

With the launch of the new XP range, Electrolux has become the first food-service equipment supplier to tailor a full range of modular cooking equipment to specific customer segments, like quick-service restaurants, food-service restaurants and high-productivity kitchens.

The new customer-focused approach has been developed to ensure that each new product is fully fit for purpose and will improve effectiveness and efficiency in the kitchen.

“Our new approach to product development has allowed us to create a range of products that has been tailored specifically to individual segments of the market,” says Sartor.

“The result of this innovative approach has been to raise the standards of customer service to a new level and ensure that our products will make life easier in a food-service kitchen and improve efficiency.”

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