Electrolux launches animal care version of bagless vacuum cleaner

Easy-opening, multicyclonic  Electrolux Aptica™ is equipped with special brush designed to pick up hair and a HEPA filter with extra carbon layer to reduce odor.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the right vacuum cleaner to choose may depend on who’s in the family. If one or more family members happens to have four legs and is covered with fur, a vacuum cleaner that is good at picking up hair has a significant advantage.

That’s why Electrolux gave the animal care version of its new Aptica™ vacuum cleaner a special, air-driven brush with rubber flaps. The attachment can be placed directly on the bent end or on the tube, making it easy to reach high or low.

“The brush is ideal for picking up pet hair from furniture and textiles without the hair getting stuck in the brush,” explains Anna Eling, Product Marketing Manager at Electrolux.

No loss of suction

Anna Eling adds that advanced, multicyclonic technology creates better separation so that more dust and dirt is collected in the dustbin instead of in the filter. The HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Air) filter keeps Aptica™ running longer between cleanings with no loss of suction.

Fine particles like pollen, dust mite feces and allergens from animals trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Aptica™’s HEPA filter traps particles and thereby reduces the amount of allergens in the outlet air. The HEPA filter for animal care versions of the appliance also have an additional carbon layer to absorb and minimize odors.

Easy to handle

Aptica™’s dust container can be opened both from the bottom and top. This means you can put the bottom into the dustbin and empty it without having to shake the contents all over the place.

The washable motor filter is also designed for easy access at top of the dust bin. And the handle has a soft rubber surface inside for better grip when lifting.