Electrolux joins other leading manufacturers to collaborate on the connected home

Electrolux and other manufacturers have formed the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) to make devices and apps work together across brands for a better consumer experience.

Electrolux joins Samsung Electronics, Haier, GE Appliances, Arçelik, American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning and Trane Residential as founding members of the HCA, launched at leading tech exhibition CES this week. With this alliance, we aim to ensure interoperability so consumers can use their television, washing machine, oven and other appliances across different brands, platforms and apps.

“Electrolux is focused on sustainable consumer experience innovation that can help shape living for the better. As the number of connected products continues to grow in homes across the world, the need for cross brand interoperability increases to enable great consumer experiences. This is why we are happy to be part of HCA,” says Ola Nilsson, Electrolux Group CXO.

“Interoperability is a necessity in order for us to drive ease of use and create value for consumers,” adds Electrolux CTO Andrea Corda, who will represent Electrolux on the HCA as a Board Director. “It’s similar to setting protocols, the same way you can use one browser to access any website across the internet. You’ll be able to use one device, be it your phone or your tv, to operate anything from an air purifier to an oven. Within that interoperability, we’ll create another layer to show what Electrolux, or AEG, or Frigidaire can do for you.”

Along with interoperability, consumer safety and data privacy are key pillars of HCA’s mission. Home Connectivity Alliance members will have the opportunity to innovate, share expertise across peers, and become leaders in expanding the connected home ecosystem.

For more information about the HCA, visit www.homeconnectivityalliance.org.