Electrolux issues call for partners in innovation

Collaboration accelerates innovation. That’s why the Electrolux Open Innovation team today issues a call for partners to develop solutions to real-time challenges. 
Electrolux seeks proposals from start-ups, SMEs and university spin-offs to join the Open Innovation ‘Booster’ Program. Launched in 2018, the Program enables Electrolux to connect with some of the best thinkers in the market, while giving partners the chance to work alongside a global company with deep engineering expertise, R&D resources and manufacturing network.

“We have the know-how, the labs and the experts, and we look forward to finding and working with innovative partners with new ideas that have potential to solve key business challenges,” says David Cronström, Strategy & Innovation Head.

For the 2021 program, Electrolux once again seeks solutions that advance our commitment to sustainability. A second priority is digital operational excellence, an area in which dynamic young companies may be able to make a significant contribution. The overall goal is to turn initial solutions into workable products, technologies and processes that address specific challenges related to Electrolux company strategy.

We invite potential partners to find more details on our Open Innovation site to learn more about the specific challenges of the program and to apply before the deadline of 2 April.

The Booster Program so far:

The Booster Program has achieved some amazing results so far: more than 370 prospective partners reviewed, over 100 solutions screened, 10 solutions shortlisted, 8 “minimum viable products” fully developed, and 2 projects in the scale-up phase.

 The previous Booster Program wrapped up in October, with all five partners delivering interesting business and technical solutions while working with dedicated project teams at Electrolux for 12 months. Two of the solutions were chosen for further development and have entered the rollout phase.