Electrolux Favola coffee machine added an innovative milk frothing system

Electrolux takes its test winning coffee capsule machine Favola and adds a new innovative milk frothing system. A combination of both steam and whisks brings the best result for both hot and cold milk in a unique easy-to-clean system. Now everyone can have the ultimate Italian cappuccino or Latte Macchiato at home with ease as well as the authentic Italian espresso.

Coffee has always been a part of everyday life in Europe and during the last years the use of milk in coffee has increased extensively. Latte, macchiato and cappuccino are more and more common. The need for an easy-to-use milk steamer made Electrolux invent a new milk frothing system that gives all the true milk froth quality of the Italian coffee shop. The Favola Cappuccino not only delivers perfect result, needs no intricate skills and functions on its own. It is also easy to clean in the dishwasher or under the tap.

“With Favola Cappuccino we have created a machine that will give everybody the chance to have the authentic Italian cappuccino at home. Not only through the authentic coffee and the optimized espresso capsule machine but also with the innovative steam and whisk system. It’s so easy to use and the results are so good that the Italian baristas we have tested the machine on thinks it’s as good as one from an Italian coffee shop,” says Jonas Magnusson, Vice President of Electrolux Small Domestic Appliances Europe.

The milk system can also be used to make cold milk drinks like chocolate or ice coffee. Electrolux has added a function where only whisks are used for the occasions when a cold drink is preferred.

115 years of coffee expertise in every capsule

Lavazza has 115 years of experience in making coffee. The company is the worldwide leader in the espresso category with 14 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed every year.

Lavazza has 21 years of experience in capsule systems. For A Modo Mio Favola they have selected top quality blends of carefully selected beans that are roasted in Italy. The coffee is pressed just like it should be and each capsule contains 7,5 g of coffee which is the optimal amount. When the coffee meets the perfect temperature for extraction, between 80 and 95 °C, supreme espresso magic is the result.

There is a wide range of capsules for every taste. A Modo Mio comes in many carefully selected coffee blends, from the relatively mild Dolcemente to the intensive and robust Divinamente. A Modo Mio capsules are available in select stores and from the Lavazza A Modo Mio homepage.