Electrolux dry cleaner prank showcases capability of new laundry range

To prove the capabilities of the Electrolux UltraCare™ laundry range – that it’s possible to clean delicate clothing items at home – Electrolux teamed up with a man who wanted to surprise his girlfriend Johanna with a new washing machine.

Together they set up a prank: turning the local dry cleaner into a replica of the couple’s home overnight.

The resulting video shows Johanna entering the dry cleaner expecting to pick up a sweater she had turned in the previous day, only to find herself not just “at home”, but also with a brand new washing machine.

About the UltraCare washers and DelicateCare dryers

The new Electrolux UltraCare™ series of washing machines is the brand’s most complete to date. Combining a number of innovative solutions and capabilities the UltraCare® range activates the detergent’s cleaning power at 30°C and automatically adjusts time-, water- and energy-use to efficiently wash and protect even the most delicate garments.

The DelicateCare series of dryers tailors the drying cycle to match the needs of your fabrics, even hand-wash only items.