Electrolux contributes towards new water efficiency white paper

As a founding member of the 50L Home Coalition, Electrolux has contributed with its expertise to create a new white paper “A Circular Water Future” aimed at influencing institutions and authorities to re-evaluate water use policy around the world.

The white paper is the first document to be published by the 50L Home Coalition. It outlines the role of water reuse in helping to preserve water and move toward the visionary objective of 50 liters of daily water use per person in the long term, with a specific focus on China, India, Mexico and the United States.

The document highlights that the current average daily water use per person in some cities such as La Rioja, Spain and Denver, USA is as high as 400 and 538 liters respectively. In response, the white paper advocates more circular water use at all levels by promoting a culture of innovation and partnerships, awareness and desirability, and adaptive planning and policy.

In May 2021, the 50L Home Coalition was recognized by Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards.

According to UNESCO, 3.6 billion people currently live in areas that experience water scarcity at least one month a year, and predict this figure will increase to six billion by 2050.* Electrolux has a key role in actively engaging with partners and delivering consumer innovations to promote the better use of this essential resource.

How can we at Electrolux contribute?

As a manufacturer of water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines, we have a key role to play in helping people to use less water in their homes – as well as promoting water efficiency in our operations.

Raising awareness of the benefits of modern and efficient appliances is key. For example, the average dishwasher is four times more water efficient than washing by hand per place setting according to research.** Dishwashers also use around a third of the energy and save significant time for consumers.

Our innovation enables more responsible consumer behavior

Over the years, our ambitious approach to sustainability has guided us to deliver appliances that allow consumers to save water and energy in their everyday lives.

QuickSelect – an interface that intuitively indicates to the consumer how they can save water and energy to gently “nudge” them to operate their appliance more sustainably. As the user slides the cycle length and selects additional options, the Ecometer indicates to the consumer which settings are the most sustainable.

SprayZone – allows water to reach the most difficult zones thanks to a powerful pressure that can remove even the most stubborn stains – to improve the cleaning performance while optimizing water use.

Water efficiency in our operations

As a signatory of the UN’s CEO Water Mandate, we report our progress annually. In 2020, we improved our overall water efficiency in operations by more than 40% compared with 2015. We made particularly good progress on water efficiency with factories in water scarce regions.

What is the 50L Home Coalition?

The 50L Home Coalition is a multi-stakeholder platform convened by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), World Economic Forum (WEF), and the 2030 Water Resources Group that was formed in 2020 to improve water management in cities and strengthen water security on a global level. Electrolux is collaborating with other founding partners to re-invent how society will manage water in the future and re-think water use in our homes.

To download the white paper visit here.

To read more about the 50L Home Coalition visit here.

* UNESCO (2018). World Water Development Report 2018.

** Which? (2020). Which? research reveals how little water dishwashers use compared to hand-washing