Electrolux China’s innovative OuYu fridge clinches top honours

Electrolux China has won the Sina Digital Billboard 2011 – “Best Home Appliance Award” for the OuYu 欧宇 fridge, as voted by customers, members of the media and industry opinion leaders.

The Sina Digital Billboard Awards is a large scale online campaign that was set up to recognize outstanding performance in the home appliance industry and sees numerous well-known white and brown goods brands competing for top honours each year.

A total of six categories with 39 awards were up for grabs this year and in addition to considering factors such as product functionality, design and price, this year’s awards also paid special attention to how relevant each product was to the consumer’s lifestyle.

In the end, close to 40% of voters chose the Electrolux OuYu fridge as the “Best Home Appliance” for the white goods category.  The fridge was favoured among voters for its user-friendly design, great performance and for vastly improving the fresh food experience for consumers.

“The Electrolux OuYu fridge is a fantastic example of successfully achieving the best of ‘maximum usage within limited space’.  This helps to resolve consumer issues of needing more food preservation while living space cannot be increased in the short-medium term.  Together with its human-centric functions and thoughtful design, this fridge promotes a more enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle for consumers,” commented the jury panel.