Electrolux awards its 2021 top suppliers

At its annual Supplier Awards held on Wednesday, November 3, Electrolux recognized the outstanding performance of its top suppliers from around the world in a ceremony livestreamed from Stockholm.

Opening the event and introducing the awards were Jonas Samuelson, CEO, Carsten Franke, Chief Operations Officer, Ola Nilsson, Chief Consumer Experience Officer, Vanessa Butani, VP Group Sustainability, and Peter Truyens, Chief Purchasing Officer alongside other leaders at Electrolux Group.

“The selected companies have all been recognized for their key contributions within the Electrolux supply chain, and their commitment to quality and high performance in delivering innovative products that help Electrolux remain a leader when it comes to sustainability,” says Peter Truyens.

At the Supplier Awards ceremony, seven awards were presented in the following categories: Operational Excellence – Direct Material and Service Provider, Consumer Experience Award—Taste, Care and Wellbeing, Sustainability, and Supplier of the Year.

And the 2021 winners are…

Operational Excellence Award – Direct Material

The Direct Material Operational Excellence Award recognizes excellence in value creation, quality and supply chain flexibility, as well as social and environmental engagement. Suppliers nominated for this award have a consistent performance record that enables Electrolux factories to produce the most competitive home appliances with the best quality.

SEF Tech
SEF, a supplier of induction coils for Food Preparation for Electrolux Group, has delivered a high level of performance including a consistent exceptional level of quality. They have provided strong support during a capacity shortage allowing production continuity and providing a high level of flexibility to deliver what is needed.

Operational Excellence Award – Service Provider

The Service Provider Operational Excellence Award recognizes the company that provides the highest service quality and enables innovation for great consumer experiences. The suppliers nominated to this category support Electrolux to continuously improve, act sustainably, and accelerate digitalization.

Maersk, a provider of Ocean Logistics Services, has served Electrolux well in a very challenging market providing capacity above contracted volumes for critical shipping lanes at competitive rates. Maersk’s services have enabled Electrolux to serve markets where otherwise we would have had limited options.

Consumer Experience Award – Taste

The Consumer Experience Award “Taste” recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our food preparation and food preservation products to create better consumer experiences.

EuroKera, a supplier of ceramic glass for food preparation for three of our four business areas, has partnered with Electrolux R&D to create a new lower cost solution which meets our specifications and quality standards. This innovation is key for Electrolux to provide up-market features to mid-range products.

Consumer Experience Award – Care

The Consumer Experience Award “Care” recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our dish care and fabric care products to create better consumer experiences.

Elettrotecnica Rold
Rold is a supplier of door locks, sensors and other electrical components to Electrolux since 2001. In close cooperation with our technical community, Rold has developed an original solution which combines quality, technology and performance with market competitiveness. Their window lid lock improves the consumer experience thanks to an easier-to-open system for the load and unload of the laundry together with a pleasing product aesthetic.

Consumer Experience Award – Wellbeing

The Consumer Experience Award “Wellbeing” recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our home care and home comfort products to create better consumer experiences.

Ningbo Taller
Taller provides Electrolux with air care products, specifically air purifiers. Over the past four years, Taller and Electrolux have been able to create a full line-up for the air purification category. This line-up includes the award-winning Pure A9 air purifier. Taller delivers the Electrolux brand identity by focusing on timeless human-centric Scandinavian designs rooted in craftmanship, and in doing so strengthens our brand position.

Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award recognizes the supplier that has made the most progress towards the Electrolux sustainability targets expressed in our framework “For the Better 2030.”

CMA-CGM Group, a provider of ocean logistics services, has reshaped its sustainability strategy in recent years, fully integrating climate change in its roadmap. Its strategy is clear and well developed with a clear path towards 40% CO2 reduction by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2050 with all their commitments made publicly.

Supplier of the Year

The Supplier of the Year Award recognizes the supplier that has distinguished itself by making the biggest impact in terms of value creation for Electrolux.

Selettra is a supplier of wiring harnesses for all product lines within BA Europe. They are recognized for delivering value through their outstanding commercial, quality, delivery, innovation, and sustainability performance. One highlight of their performance is the proactive manner in which Selettra managed the demand swings and shortages, ensuring not only deliveries to fulfill their orders but also helping their competitors with the components to ensure Electrolux operational continuity.