Electrolux AquaSense – great tasting water faster

Tap water is one of the most valuable assets in our homes. The taste or appearance might prevent us from drinking it or cooking with it. Filtering your tap water gives you clean, great tasting water. With Electrolux AquaSense™ you get your water at least twice as fast.

The development of AquaSense™ has been guided by market studies that identified consumer problem areas. It highlighted that people filter tap water for several reasons. One is that it is practical because it gives full use of the water that you already have at home. Environmental concern was also stated as significant. However, there was dissatisfaction with filtration speed and design. Inspired by this, Electrolux has developed an elegant, innovative jug with superior water filtration.


“Most of us are aware of the luxury of constant access to tap water. It really is something that we should appreciate. Filtering water is an optimal solution for those who understand to appreciate the taste of daily fresh water, instead of paying huge amounts of money for water that has been bottled for long time,” says Kerstin Peterson, Business development manager at Electrolux.

Easier health with more accessible water

Drinking plenty of water is an imperative part of a healthy lifestyle. Water contributes to both health and beauty as hydration helps the metabolism to work properly and is essential for good skin. Our bodies are in fact made up of approximately 70% water, and almost all bodily functions such as blood pressure, liver, kidneys, joints and digestion require water to function perfectly. To keep our bodies in top form we should drink an average of two liters of water each day. Easy access to clean water has many benefits for health and body as it helps you drink more water on a more regular basis.

Many benefits of using filtered water

The purity of the water used when cooking or making coffee or tea affects the flavour, since the amount of limescale affects the dissolution of aromatics. Filtering your water removes limescales and other impurities, which gives you a better tasting end result. Filtered water is also the ultimate thirstquencher, and it is of course a perfect choice for making ice cubes.

Electrolux consumer surveys show that people also prefer to give filtered water to their pets, and even use it for watering plants. Furthermore it is a good idea to use filtered water for your domestic appliances, such as kitchen equipment and irons, since limescale can be hard on them, and irritating for aesthetical reasons.

“Consumer insight showed that what people want is faster water filtration. With Aqua Sense the difference is obvious, since our new technology filters water at least twice as fast,” continues Kerstin Peterson.

PUREADVANTAGE™ – a unique new filter technology

The unique and innovative PUREADVANTAGE™ filter contains 3M purification technology to ensure high quality filtration. PUREADVANTAGE™ uses an advanced filtration technology filtering tap water in 4 steps. The filter reduces limescale (carbonate hardness), substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine and organic impurities. It also reduces certain heavy metals like copper and lead, plus pesticides. This new filtration technology provides faster filtration than any other premium water filters with the same high performance.

Each PUREADVANTAGE™ filter achieves a filter capacity of approximately 150 liter of tap water and should be regularly changed for optimal performance. A Lifetime filter indicator shows when to change PUREADVANTAGE™ filter.

“There are obviously many water filtration jugs on the market. The challenge for us was to offer our consumers something better. The one thing that stood out in surveys was filtration speed. Therefore we created a water filter that is of highest quality, but then put extra effort into maximizing filtration speed. The Electrolux jug also has an elegant ergonomic design – and of course it fits perfectly in the fridge door and is dishwasher safe,” concludes Kerstin Peterson.

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