Electrolux Annual Report ranked best in the world

Electrolux Annual Report 2009 was ranked number one – the best annual report in the world – in the latest edition of the “Annual Report on Annual Reports” by Report Watch. This is the third straight year where Electrolux has ranked in the top three annual reports.

The survey is often regarded as the most comprehensive, international and authoritative survey on annual reports. This year, around 1,100 annual reports were included in the ranking. When conducting the evaluation, Report Watch takes a representative cross section of annual reports based on the relative importance of stock markets, aiming at industrial and geographic diversity.

According to the Report Watch analysis, the Electrolux Annual Report 2009 has a “clear-cut overview of product offering, business areas, financial highlights and strategy.” It was given a five-star ranking (first rate).

Other notable parts in the annual report, according to Report Watch, are the presentation of market characteristics, strategic visions, financial goals, investor information, and historical data. Electrolux annual report also received mention for the intensive use of charts, graphs, diagrams and maps.

“A good annual report is clearly a big priority within Electrolux,” says Peter Nyquist, SVP Investor Relations and Financial Information. “In the last three years we’ve been the best twice and the second-best once. I’m happy to see our report being recognized as a high-quality product.”

The Electrolux Annual Report 2009 is published in two sections. The first part is a comprehensive overview of the Group strategy and business model. The second part provides the full-year financial statements and other financial information, as well as the Electrolux Sustainability Report.

For downloads and more information about Electrolux Annual Report: https://www.electroluxgroup.com/en/annual-report-2009-217/

For more information about Report Watch and Annual Report on Annual Reports: http://www.reportwatch.net/annual-report-on-annual-reports-2010

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