Markets – Western Europe

Western Europe is the Group’s largest market for consumer.

The household appliance market the region is dominated by replacement products as a result of high penetration in most product categories and low or stagnated population growth.

Meanwhile, an increase in the number of households, due to a rising number of the elderly combined with the small living spaces in most homes, has led to higher demand for compact and user-friendly products.

Western Europe is made up of many countries and language areas, which has resulted in widely varying consumer patterns and the establishment of a large number of appliance manufacturers, brands and retailers. The low degree of consolidation is one reason for overcapacity and price pressure in the industry.

Electrolux has significant market share in both appliances and vacuum cleaners in Western Europe, which is the Group’s largest market. A well-reasoned strategy with several product launches in recent years has led to Electrolux further strengthening its position, for example, in the built-in segment.

Despite the weak macroeconomic trend, the market for built-in appliances continues to experience long term growth and Electrolux is capturing market share. Attractively designed, rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners are continuing to capture an increasingly large share of the vacuum cleaner market and Electrolux is a leader in this category.