Better food – Culinary education for employment – Curitiba, Brazil

This project provides training for young underprivileged people in Curitiba to enable them to get a job in a professional kitchen. The training took place in a specifically designed educational kitchen in an Electrolux facility, and the curriculum has been voluntarily delivered by 10 different chefs and coordinated by Electrolux.

Societal value

The project offers employment training for single mothers in Curitiba to help them get a job and thereby assist them in providing for themselves and their families.


• Finalized the curriculum.
• Established partnership with Sodexo-Stop Hunger Institute to supply the food for the course.
• Organized two weeks of soft skills training for students in the end of August.
• 21 students selected for the program by the Labor Agency of Curitiba.
• Completed eight weeks of culinary classes.

Next steps

  • Arrange a graduation.
  • Sign a partnership with the Food Bank for the next waves of the project.
  • Implement the tracking system to measure the impact of the project (for the students after the end of the course).
  • Create a project plan for the next waves of the project.