Electrolux Group sustainable product designs win prestigious Red Dot Awards

Electrolux Group has been recognized for its sustainable design, winning prestigious Red Dot Awards in the product design category for Electrolux and AEG appliances that are paint-free and feature recycled materials.  

"Our Design team is focused on creating products that promote sustainable living – and to do this we are continuously exploring new materials and finishes that extend the life of our products and minimize environmental impact," says Electrolux Group Head of Design Simon Bradford. "Our paint-free vacuum cleaners and our fridge containing 70% recycled plastic liners break new ground, and we're honored that our sustainable and innovative designs are recognized by Red Dot."  

The four winning products are: 

Electrolux 700 series/ AEG 7000

The Electrolux 700 is made from mainly recycled plastics, with no harmful paints used in any of its color variants. The cordless vacuum cleaner also features modular, repairable and replaceable system components to improve longevity and deliver on Electrolux Group's sustainability goals. The lightest ever Electrolux Group vacuum cleaner, it is ergonomically balanced and easy to maneuver, making it easy to clean smaller living spaces. 

Electrolux Clean600 series/ AEG Hygienic6000  

This canister vacuum cleaner is designed for usability, sustainability and to visually fit into the home. It is made with 50-65% recycled plastics and no painted parts, to increase the cleaner’s future recyclability. The ergonomic design of the full foot control allows the consumer to easily operate the cleaner without bending. 

Electrolux MaxiSpace 700 – AEG Maxispace 7000 

The MaxiSpace combo built-in fridge freezer boasts a world-first 70% recycled plastic lining, while the new ECO METER user interface gently nudges the consumer to make more sustainable choices, by educating on how the fridge's settings can impact energy consumption.  

The built-in fridge freezer aesthetics are elevated with stainless steel components, which enhances the durability and the sustainability benefits of an infinitely recyclable material. The design also features edge-to-edge drawers with accentuated horizontal lines to declutter the space. 

Electrolux ULTIMATEHOME 500  

This 2-in-1 air purifier brings comfort and wellness into the home, ensuring good air quality and humidity. The design of the Electrolux ULTIMATEHOME 500 is deliberate, intuitive and unobtrusive, as suggested by the water ripple design on top, hinting at its humidity function. Its slim form, calm colors and texture resembling textile elevates the feeling of warmth and softness. It seamlessly blends into the home, while matching other Electrolux-branded Wellbeing products, and it has also been designed without the use of harmful paint in manufacturing.

About the Red Dot Awards 

The “Red Dot” is the award for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to products that feature outstanding design.   

The winners were chosen by an expert jury and the winning products will be presented at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and online at www.red-dot.org the week of June 19.