Electrolux Annual Report named winner in the Nasdaq OMX Nordic competition

The Electrolux Annual Report for 2009 was selected winner in the Nasdaq OMX Nordics annual competition, comparing the annual reports from all companies listed on the exchange in Stockholm.

According to the jury, Electrolux was selected because of the informative way in which Electrolux presents its operations. The jury also praised the report’s two-part format, where the first part describes the operations and strategy and the second part contains the earnings review, the sustainability report and the corporate governance section. The jury felt that Electrolux in this way succeeds to give individual investors the information they might need to make an investment decision, while the more formal part of the annual report gives shareholders and other stakeholders access to more in-depth information on the company.

From the jury statement:

”On the whole, Electrolux succeeds in presenting a very good picture of the company’s strategic changes in recent years and how the company sees the future challenges. The latter comprises everything from developing products that consumers are willing to pay a premium for to how challenges in the climate dilemma should be tackled. All in all, Electrolux has produced a very readable, compelling and understandable annual report. The layout is good-looking, and there is a very good relationship between the text, tables and diagrams that sets an example to all listed companies with ambitions in this area.”

The competition included all listed firms on Nasdaq OMX Nordic in Stockholm, where the Electrolux share this year celebrates its 80-year listing.

Previously this autumn, the Electrolux Annual Report 2009 was selected as the best annual report in the world in “Annual Report on Annual Reports” by Report Watch, which is considered the most comprehensive and international ranking of this type. This was the third consecutive year that Report Watch ranked the Electrolux Annual Report among the very best in the world.

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