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Annual Review 2018

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With drivers that prepare us for the future

Digital transformation

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a rapid technological transformation driven mainly by digitalization. The digital transformation offers substantial opportunities for streamlining operations as well as continuous interaction with consumers. It is also key to maintaining a competitive edge in the appliance ndustry, where it is increasingly important to adapt quickly to consumer demands.

The digital transformation affects all of Electrolux
and includes five core areas:

Digital 360 consumer experience - A digitally supported 360 shopping and ownership journey that focuses on creating the best consumer experience at different stages, from exploring various alternatives, visiting websites, interacting on social media and choosing products at retailers to installing and finally using the products. Digitization results in new revenue streams from individualized ownership solutions.

Connected experiences - Using connectivity to create new user experiences and ensure high-quality connected ownership. New business models through a smart connected appliance ecosystem.

Digital productivity - Digital productivity tools. Become a preferred partner through ease of doing business and reliability. Leverage big data and business intelligence to always be one step ahead.

Modularization and digital manufacturing - Minimize product cost and maximize quality and flexibility through digital manufacturing of modularized products. 

Digital supply chain - Ensure 100% product availability with minimal lead times and capital requirement through a digitally integrated supply chain.

In 2018 Electrolux initiated the implementation of several important global digital platforms to increase efficiency and improve quality and service levels, including:

  • Customer Relationship Management system developed and being implemented across the Group. Supporting aftermarket sales strategy.
  • Proprietary cloud platform developed the last two years enabling connectivity solutions and direct contact with consumers.
  • EluxOne Enterprise Resource Planning system and Robotic Process Automation in administration.
  • Manufacturing Execution System, a digitally controlled process flow which monitors manufacturing information as it receives data from robots, machines and employees in real-time.
  • Digital supply chain system for closer collaboration with suppliers and retailers. The roll-out continues in 2019.

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