Annual Report 2018

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Annual Review 2018

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A clear consumer focus sets us apart

Outstanding Consumer Experiences

To drive profitable growth, Electrolux focuses on creating outstanding consumer experiences.

Why is this important?

Strong focus on consumer-driven innovation and well-established brands drives both growth and profitability. Outstanding consumer experiences is the most important factor to drive customer loyalty and higher prices. Consumers are more well-informed than ever, as they can easily access information about prices, offers and products. Consumers also care less about technical features and more about results and the overall experience before, during and after the purchase of the product. This means that social media, reviews and ratings gain increasing importance. Products that offer outstanding consumer experiences will score highly in reviews and ratings and allow premium pricing.

Electrolux strengths

  • Long history of consumer insight. We understand consumers’ needs.
  • Innovative product portfolio focused on three clear consumer areas; Taste, Care and Wellbeing.
  • Established brands in line with consumer trends. The two brands AEG and Frigidaire have successfully sharpened their brand propositions during the last three years targeting specific consumer segments. In 2018, the Electrolux brand started to be  sharpened in a similar way.
  • Global strength and leverage to support investments in product innovation.

2018 execution

  • Improved product mix driven by premium brands and new product launches. 
  • Gained markets shares in targeted segments through a more sharpened and relevant offering to consumers.
  • Continued investments in innovation and R&D, supporting a new generation of products.

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