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Anderson investment

Increase competitiveness in
the U.S. through automation and
product architecture program 

Electrolux is investing in its U.S. facility Anderson in South Carolina to increase efficiency through automation and modernization.

When production begins in 2019, the USD 250 million investment will have doubled the plant’s size to 1.6 million square feet, have built 2.7 miles of assembly lines outfitted with more than 100 new robots, and have built a new warehouse.

The new plant will take advantage of:

  • Best-in-class automation, moving to around 35% automation level from less than 10%.
  • A new line of innovative Frigidaire refrigerator and freezer products.
  • Globally designed, modular components.
  • A simplified offering, focusing on the most profitable refrigeration products.
  • Sustainable operations through energy-efficient production, low carbon emissions and material recycling.

These initatives will significantly increase flexibility and cost efficiency at the plant, driving profitable growth.

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