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Pure i9

Game changing robotic vacuum cleaner

Connectivity is changing the dynamics of the industry and Electrolux has a very strong focus on digital consumer experiences. One key area is the Wellbeing segment, where connectivity improves the consumer experience as it enables remote control of the home wellbeing. Electrolux launched the world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner in 2001 and has now reentered the category focusing on software development to allow connected and autonomous cleaning, as well as smart solutions for cleaning corners and steering clear of obstacles.

The new PURE i9 was launched in 2017 and is the first step in creating a responsive ecosystem of products for wellbeing in the home. PURE i9 includes several innovative features based on consumer insight. It is controlled through an app, meaning you no longer need to be at home to vacuum. The 3D Vision technology scans and maps the room to provide thorough cleaning. The PURE i9 can clean corners, climb carpets, and adapt speed and brush-roll to the type of floor it is cleaning.

  • Market with significant growth potential since penetration today is less than 10% of the global floor care market.
  • Growing presence through PURE i9 across APAC and EMEA. Good market share gain in South Korea in the profitable premium segment and good traction in the Nordics, Australia and Thailand.
  • Ongoing communication with consumers through connectivity provides insights for new innovations.
  • Ongoing communication with consumers will help Electrolux drive aftermarket sales, improve quality and make it possible to test new business models.

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