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Annual Review 2018

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Execution to increase competitiveness

Talent, Teamship & Continuous Improvement

A clear company purpose and culture that promotes engagement

Electrolux clear purpose and strong corporate culture are key levers to attract new talents, promote engagement and empower employees. Everyone in the organization, regardless of role, is expected to make a difference and contribute to Electrolux purpose – Shape living for the better. Teamship is essential to successfully launch new, innovative products, meet operational excellence targets and move towards profitable growth. 

As a global company in a dynamic industry it is vital for Electrolux to have leaders and employees that understand and react to change, act decisively in unpredictable conditions, encourage cross-collaboration and always keep the end consumers in mind. Electrolux competiveness is strengthened by having passionate, business minded people who have a close relation to the market and see innovation synergies across the global organization.

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Teamship is the Electrolux way of working to create outstanding consumer experiences and achieve operational excellence. Working efficiently by having aligned goals, collaboration, transparency and engagement leverages the power of teamship and drives profitable growth.

People leaders, who inspire and engage people across the organization, are crucial to foster a culture of accountability and ownership. Electrolux evaluates and develops the engagement of people through the Electrolux Employee Engagement Survey (EES). This is an important tool for leaders to assess engagement, leadership and organizational capabilities as well as commitment to strategy and purpose. In 2018, the Engagement index increased to 72 compared to 67 in 2016. Driving the result is an improvement on previous low-scoring teams as well as strong company engagement, commitment to quality, new ways of working and direct understanding of how the Electrolux purpose connects to daily work.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is about simplifying ways of working and create value by working smarter. Electrolux works continuously to improve cost structures and develops methods, processes and skills. It is a vital part of the company culture to achieve this across the organization; from production to administration. 

Electrolus runs several cross-functional cost-excellence programs and other initiatives to reduce variable product costs. This includes the Electrolux Manufacturing System, modularization, digital manufacturing and an integrated digital supply chain.

The Electrolux Continuous Improvement Program aims to reduce structural cost through improved ways of working, a higher resource efficiency and increased usage of digital tools and processes. 

Electrolux works continuously to become a more ethical and safer company

Electrolux works continuously to always act ethically and respect human rights and to be the health and safety leader in the appliance industry.

The same high standards and principles of conduct applies wherever Electrolux operates. Ethics, integrity and respect for people and the planet are taken into account when employees meet customers and colleagues around the globe. Electrolux has a global Ethics Program, encompassing both ethics training and a whistleblowing system — the Electrolux Ethics Helpline.

Electrolux employs a global health and safety management system, aiming to promote a strong safety culture. During the year, the total incident rate in the company, TCIR1), decreased to 0.59%. Since 2014, the incident rate has decreased by 37%. The Group aims to reduce the incident rate to less than 0.5 in 2020.

1) Total accident rate per 200,000 working hours.

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