Annual Report 2018

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Annual Review 2018

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A clear consumer focus sets us apart

Branded Star Products with Preferred Partners

The Group has three main brands in AEG, Electrolux and Frigidaire that are well-established. To maximize the contribution from these brands, the company focuses on selected key, high-margin products and categories and seeks partnerships with preferred key trade partners.

Why is this important?

As consumers do more research before their purchase, it is increasingly important to be one of the brands under consideration. Brands must therefore be well known and appeal to distinct consumer groups. A strong brand drives profitable growth as shortlisted brands sell more products at higher prices. Sales of strong brands grow at a rate 1.3 times higher than the average brand1), and 75% of market share variance within the appliance industry can be explained by Top 3 Consideration & Spontaneous Awareness2). Cooperation with preferred partners enables efficient marketing, delivery and sales.

Electrolux strengths

  • Three main and well-established brands accounting for 80% of gross operating income. More than 90% of marketing, design and R&D support are allocated to these main brands. High brand awareness built on 100 years track record of relevant innovations.
  • Clear understanding of target groups for the main brands enables focused R&D and marketing.
  • Close cooperation with carefully chosen partners delivers focused and relevant offering to consumers.


AEG is Always an Idea Ahead in enabling unprecedented results at home through German engineering 


Making desirable experiences more sustainable through our Swedish values and professional expertise


The everyday home brand hard-working families rely on that makes truly helpful innovation affordable across taste, care and wellbeing

A portfolio of well-established brands with a clear focus

2018 execution

  • Started to sharpen the Electrolux brand in a similar way as AEG and Frigidaire were revitalized in 2016 and 2017 respectively, targeting specific consumer segments and trends.
  • Product brand mapping carried out to ensure that the right products are offered to the right consumers at the right prices under the right brands.
  • Continuous efforts to further develop cooperation with partners, both in-store and web. Retailers are supported with strong digital content online and instore to drive sales. In combination with storytelling on social media platforms and advertising this has contributed to the sales development.

1) Prophet Brand Relevance Index 2017 – 10 year CAGR of most relevant brands vs. S&P 500 Average.
2) Value market share regressed against Top 3 and Spontaneous Awareness (Brand Scorecard 2014-16 & GFK sell-out data 2014-17. Countries included: FRI (NA), AEG (BE, DE, ES, UK), ELX (FR, IT, PL, RU, SE).

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